What can I tell you about myself?

I’ve never concealed the fact that Jessa Jacobs is a pen name. Often, I’ve considered revealing my identity publicly, but the reasons for using a pen name are compelling and remain valid. For the same reasons, I don’t publish pictures of myself – or I won’t until I’m as famous as Nora Roberts – as if! Then it won’t matter. The cartoon at the left appealed to me because it represents how I sometimes feel about my writing process. Especially the wine!

That said, what I do reveal about myself is true. I love to be with my large family, read, hike in the foothills west of Denver, and pursue various craft hobbies. While I’d like to tell you I’m a hang-glider, mountain-climber, or have some other exotic hobby, alas, I’m fairly ordinary (except for the zip-lining – I do love to ride zip-lines). I’m a dog-lover without a dog, and a cat-lover without a cat. When my husband retires, I hope to correct both of those deficiencies.

Along with my husband, I enjoy hearing live music, especially blues or classic rock. And I love to sing, so karaoke is a regular activity. When our family gets together (not often enough because we live in a different state from our kids), my children and one or two of the older grandchildren also get into the act.

We have four children, all grown, with families of their own. Thanks to one daughter who married a man with older children, we can now also boast two precious great-grandchildren, one boy, one girl. I’m quick to add that I was a very young grandmother because of our older step-grandchildren, and way to young to be a great-grandmother. Nevertheless, I love each and every one of them, whether natural or step. I’m also proud to say that three of our seven grandsons are United States Marines. We have two granddaughters, for a total of nine grandchildren.

What do I like to read? Well, romance, of course. For some reason – ha ha – one of my favorite romance sub-genres is military.  But I’m an eclectic reader. I like most romance sub-genres. I also love police procedural novels, legal and medical thrillers, even action/adventure. I couldn’t even begin to tell you my favorite author, because there are so many. Even with my crazy writing schedule, I manage to read an average of two or three novels a week.

Now it’s your turn. Drop me a line and tell me about yourself. I LOVE hearing from readers!